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Mission & values


  • We are sensitive to the needs of the people we come into contact with as part of our business operations. We listen to what they have to say and care for their needs: the personal needs of our customers, and in particular patients with diabetes; the professional needs of pharmacists, doctors, our staff and our strategic partners who work with us to achieve our vision.
  • We promote quality through every choice we make. We seek to ensure that quality is: a requirement primarily for us at all levels within the Parapharm Group and an integral part of our operations; a priority when we choose each product we sell on the Greek market; and a criterion when we enter into any partnership, in Greece or abroad.
  • We retain our integrity  in achieving our goals, now and in the future. We support our group’s growth and development and respond to the challenges of the times without skimping on our mission. We want to feel proud each and every moment about the result of our work and about the way we achieve that result day by day, year by year .


  • To bring innovative products to more people with the aim to improve their health and the quality of their day-to-day lives, relying on our staff, our infrastructure and our partners, local and international.
  • To make a better contribution to fighting diabetes, the field which Parapharm specialise in, and are particularly sensitive about since our outset.
  • To remain committed to our values in every aspect of our operations and to contribute consistently to healthcare and the economic development of Greece.


The 5+1 principles that underscore Parapharm’s mission are:

  1. To offer top-quality services in healthcare.To constantly evolve to provide comprehensive solutions with the aim to meet even the most specialised needs of our partners and the Greek pharmaceutical market.
  2. To build up our Group’s reliability and integrity. To continue to earn our partners’ appreciation and our staff’s dedication. To work hand-in-hand each day firmly focused on the future.
  3. To develop long-term professional ties with people who share our vision: our staff, partners and customers.
  4. To offer our staff an excellent working environment that gives them opportunities for career development, ongoing training, job security and personal satisfaction from the Group’s success.
  5. To acknowledge the personal worth of our staff and the contribution that each individual  makes to achieving the goals of the Parapharm Pharmaceutical Group.
  6. To not rest on our laurels with past successes, but to set ever higher goals. To tailor our business strategy so that what we do reflects our values and has a positive impact on the Greek economy.
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