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21st Panhellenic Diabetes Conference, 8th to the 11th of March, Caravel Hotel Athens

From the 8th to the 11th of March, the 21st Panhellenic Diabetes Conference was held in Athens, at the Caravel Hotel, a conference that has become legendary and gathers the attention of doctors dealing with the management of Diabetes Mellitus every year. More than 1000 delegates attended both live and online speakers, many of whom are University Professors or Diabetologists at the NHS hospitals with vast knowledge and experience.
The company Parapharm remains always close to healthcare professionals and people with diabetes,  guided by the vision of educating them at the best possible level and thus help them achieve adequately sugar levels and better quality of life, participated in the conference with a congress booth where the medical technology products related to diabetes, were displayed , i.e. BD's insulin needles, for which Parapharm is the exclusive representative in Greece, as well as Dextro Energy dextrose lozenges, used by people with diabetes in case of hypoglycemia, for the immediate increase of blood sugar. Also, due to the long-term cooperation with the company Roche Diagnostics, there was also promotion  of the newest Roche Accu-chek Instant and Accu-chek Guide blood glucose meters, at Parapharm booth.
As part of the conference, a satellite lecture was also organized with renowned Pediatrician/Diabetologist Mrs. A. Vazaiou, director of the First Pediatric Clinic and head of the Diabetes Center at the Children's Hospital "P. & A. Kyriakou” as invited speaker and Mr. A. Christoforidis, Professor of Pediatrics/Pediatric Endocrinology at AUTH, at the First Pediatric Clinic of the Hippocratio Hospital of Thessaloniki, as chairman.
The topic of the lecture was about the correct administration of insulin, the possible mistakes that are made and the importance of educating patients so that these mistakes are minimized, and glycemic control is optimized.
The conference was well attended by doctors and the Parapharm booth attracted many delegates who wanted to be informed about the latest developments.